CAP Boards and Committees

CAP Board

The Cayuga Area Plan/Preferred (CAP) Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that the organization carries out its mission and pursues its vision in the best interest of our patients, members and the community.

Officers: John Rudd, Chair; Lloyd Darlow, MD, Vice Chair; John Collett, Treasurer; Tim Bael, MD, Secretary

Members: Andreia deLima, MD; David Evelyn, MD; Steve Gelber, MD; Tom LiVigne, Jamie Loehr, MD and Jean McPheeters

Meeting frequency: Quarterly

Clinical Integration Chairs Committee

Chair: Lloyd Darlow, MD

Members: John Costello, MD; Robert Hesson, MD; Jamie Loehr, MD; John-Paul Mead, MD; Elliot Rubinstein, MD

Meeting frequency: Monthly

Contracts and Finance Committee

Chair: Elliot Rubinstein, MD

Members: Rob Arleo, MD; Tim Bael, MD (CAPA Board Representative); John Collett (CMC Representative), Kathleen Gardner, MD; Kim Hwang, MD; Brent Lemberg, MD (CAPA Board Representative); Ralph Ortiz, MD; Howard Silcoff, MD; Thomas Toal, MD; Muhammad Wattoo, MD

Meeting frequency: Monthly

Guidelines Committee

Chair: John Costello, MD

Members: Michelle Blegen, MD; Audrey DeSilva, MD (CAPA Board Representative); Jeff Kadlecik, DPM (CAPA Board Representative); John Lambert, MD; Adam Law, MD; Jonathan Mauser, MD; Mariah Pieretti, MD; Peter Schwartz, MD; Walter Silbert, MD; Howard Silcoff, MD

Meeting frequency: Quarterly

IT Committee

Chair: John-Paul Mead, MD

Members: Peter Brennan, MD; William Carroll, MD; John Cooke, MD; Andreia deLima, MD (CAPA Board Representative)Dirk Dugan, MD; Kim Hwang, MD; Elizabeth Plocharczyk, MD; Neil Shallish, MD; Jeffrey Snedeker MD; Mason Sopchak, DO

Meeting frequency: Monthly

Performance Improvement Committee

Chair: Robert Hesson, MD

Members: Audrey DeSilva, MD (CAPA Board Representative); Steven Gelber, MD (CAPA Board Representative); Robert Mitchell, MD; Roman Politi, MD; Donna Sandidge, MD; Radomir Stevanovic, MD; Robert Strominger, MD

Meeting frequency: Monthly

Primary Care Operations and Care Management Committee

Chair: Jamie Loehr, MD, Chair

Members: Carol Berlin, MD(CAPA Board Representative); John Cooke, MD; Ann Costello, MD; Lisa Cotton, MD; Audrey DeSilva, MD (CAPA Board Representative); Adam Law, MD; Karen LaFace, MD; Marne O’Shae, MD; John-Paul Mead, MD; Amit Shrivastava, MD; Howard Silcoff, MD; Radomir Stevanovic, MD; Muhammad Wattoo, MD

Meeting frequency: Monthly

CAP Guiding Groups

CAPA Board

Officers: Lloyd Darlow, MD, President; Steven Gelber, MD Vice President; John Costello, MD, Secretary; Tim Bael, MD, Treasurer; Marguerite Uphoff, MD, Past President;

Members: Carol Berlin, MD; Audrey DeSilva, MD; Jeffrey Kadlecik, DPM; Andreia deLima, MD; Anthony Massi, MD; Brent Lemberg, MD; Jamie Loehr, MD

Meeting frequency: Quarterly

Finger Lakes Office Managers Association (FLOMA)

Chair: Stephanie Giordano-Foster

Members: Practice Managers and Billing Staff from CAP practices